Community Hall Information

Physical address: 717 Whangaparaoa Road (up from the library, on the top corner of Main Street that enters the Plaza)

Hall hire

Please send us an email or text message to our contact details below and we will get back to you. The hall is available for occasional or regular hire on a booking basis. There are a variety of spaces available.

Please email as a first priority for hall, bookings etc:

Where possible if you can indicate: desirable time slot, date, day, regular or occasional, purpose of hire. (We have a policy of not taking bookings for 21st parties or instances where there is a risk of uncontrolled behavior)

We also have a policy of encouraging the use of the hall for activities that enhance the recreational, social, cultural and environmental needs of the community – and we actively support this

Hall hire is generally subject to negotiation depending on the time sought and the use. Sometimes there is no charge if the use is for a public meeting or event that is of significant community interest.

Phone/text hall manager 021 2013474 (please leave a text because the phone may not be attended)

Hall background

The hall is owned and run by the Whangaparaoa Community Trust – a local charitable trust. We (or our predecessors) have had a hall on this site for approaching 120 years and we intend this to continue. The original hall was shifted some years ago to a location in Kumeu.

Hall Management

The operation of the hall depends on the support and help of the hall users/groups to keep the hall clean and tidy. It is simply not possible to have someone cleaning up and checking after every hall user/groups.

We welcome any extra help and ideas that you have to improve the facility.

Hall Supper room

The supper room is available for hire independently of the hall and has a number of times slots available.

Pottery Area and Art Space

A separate space within the hall includes a Pottery Area and an Art Space.

Hall Utilization

We welcome any suggestions you have for increased use of the hall.


Much of the maintenance and operation of the hall is by volunteers. The hall ‘runs on the smell of an oily rag’. We are grateful to the volunteers and sponsors who assist with the hall. Help is welcome and is appreciated. If you have any kind of skill or time we are sure to find a way that you can help. Contact the hall manager or Wayne on 021 882861


There is limited parking at the front of the hall. This is shared with Lovesoup and other hall users.

There is parking around the back of the hall and off the drive on the lower side of the hall; sometimes there are shoppers etc, using these spaces.

The driveway around to the back needs to be kept free.

Generally there is ample parking around the Plaza, also across the road at the school, the church, surrounding roads, etc. Please note there are parking restrictions in place for the council car parks (top of the Plaza in front of Paraoa etc and Main Street, and the vicinity of the Plaza top entrance

Public Transport

The bus stop is outside Whangaparaoa Road, Auckland Transport Bus Stop number 4644

Community Garden

Located outside around from top entrance. Includes compost bins, worm farm, various beds of plants. The Community Garden is run by volunteers. Helpers always wanted.

Hall IT Support and Website

Steve Chong